( ) in texts: completion of abbreviated words, or parentheses in the original
in translations: insertion of a name or pronoun not in the original text
[ ] illegible or lost letters in the source, marked as such and sometimes restored by the editor of a critical edition
{ } in texts: superfluous letters, marked as such by the editor of a critical edition
⟦ ⟧ in texts: letters or words deliberately erased in antiquity
< > in texts: correction of one or more letters or words, by the editor or by the authors of this volume in translations: explanatory note or summary of text not reproduced in the entry
. . . a known number of lost or illegible letters, equal to the number of dots
- - - an uncertain number of lost or illegible letters; or passages in the original text not reproduced here
. dot under letter in texts: uncertain reading
Ḥ. Ḥorvat
ICS Israel Cassini Soldner Grid ( = Old Israel Grid [OIG])
ITM Israel Transverse Mercator Grid (= New Israel Grid [NIG])
Kh. Khirbet
map ref. coordinates of a site on the Old Israel Grid (OIG), defijined by eight or six digits (the fijirst group East-West, the second North-South).
q./qq.v. quod/quae vide = see entry/entries
UTM United Transverse Mercator Grid
WGS 84 World Geodetic System 1984